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The Great Southern Ocean

Laura Flanagan, fiddle


Peter Daffy, guitar & Luke Plumb, bouzouki

A dynamic collection of traditional Irish tunes on fiddle accompanied by bouzouki and guitar, this album was made with gratitude to mentors and friends who have graciously shared and passed on their love of the music.

The Great Southern Ocean is NOW AVAILABLE
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At the end of a holiday in July 2018, I found myself stranded in Melbourne for an additional six weeks. At loose ends, limited in what I could do, and knowing I don’t sit still well, I sent a request to my friend Peter Daffy for advice on ways I could spend my time. He responded by offering to create the opportunity for me to record this solo fiddle album. Not long after that, Luke Plumb found time during one of his whirlwind trips to Melbourne to schedule a day to record me. Twenty-four days after having surgery, I laid down the first tracks of this album.
However, before my trip to Melbourne, I’d fallen into a bit of a musical rut and almost completely stopped playing. In fact, my reason for traveling in the first place had been an attempt to reawaken and rediscover my connection with why I fell in love with playing music. My additional time in Australia turned out to be a gift, and this album is simply an expression of appreciation for that time, what it awakened in me, and the lessons learned there.


I’ve been exceedingly fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on who you ask!) to be “raised by bouzouki players” in Irish traditional music. However, somehow I’ve managed to avoid acquiring a guitar or a bouzouki myself! Even though I can’t explain to you what they’re doing, I have a great love and appreciation for it, and have never considered it “just accompaniment.” Therefore, I believe a few words about my friends joining me on this album are appropriate:


Peter Daffy is one of the finest guitar makers in Victoria, Australia, where he is also very much sought out as a performer in many different genres. He applies his loving attention to detail in everything he does and is one of the most incredible singers I’ve ever had the good fortune to hear live. I first met Peter in Taos, New Mexico in September of 2017, performing with Luke Plumb, and his guitar playing immediately captured my attention. Additionally, Peter is a long-time music educator and leads a successful community music group in his hometown. 


All musicians have moments when they see or hear a performance which becomes a pivotal point for their own music making. Seeing Luke Plumb at ZoukFest in Abiquiu, New Mexico in 2005 was one such for me. That performance, and subsequent conversations with Luke, continue to transform the way I think about music. Luke is highly successful internationally as a performer, composer, producer and teacher. His collaborations include the Scottish band Shooglenifty, the Irish singer and bouzouki great Andy Irvine, a longstanding musical partnership with Peter Daffy, as well as groups under his own name.


I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with both Luke and Peter. I have learned so much from them.

 When I began putting together sets I’d like to record, I gravitated towards tunes I love and which have been important to me as I’ve grown as a musician. Music is strongly linked in the brain to memory, and for me, each of these tunes marks cherished moments with my extended musical family. I also feel blessed to know that in many cases, these tunes have been handed down to me directly, from individuals who are sharing their own musical experiences, and through that sharing are ensuring the tradition continues on.
Thank you to them - any mistakes in the translation are my own. I feel strongly that music is a gift to be shared and passed along, as it was to me, and I hope that these recordings are simply that – a snapshot of a moment in my own life that is precious to me, which I want to share with you.
Laura Flanagan
February 1, 2020
1. REELS: Love at the Endings (Ed Reavy) / Redican’s (Larry Redican) / Maura Connolly’s (Sean Ryan)
Luke Plumb, bouzouki
2. HORNPIPES: Tuamgraine Castle / The Harp and Shamrock (Pat Crowley)
Luke Plumb, bouzouki
3. JIGS: Lucy Farr’s / Apples in Winter / Music On the Wind (Lucy Farr)
Peter Daffy, guitar
4. MARCH: St Sinneach’s March (Sean Ryan)
Peter Daffy, guitar 
5. REELS: The Crosses of Annagh (Bobby Casey) / Ormond Sound (Paddy O’Brien, Co. Tipperary) / Garrett Barry’s
Luke Plumb, bouzouki
6. POLKAS: Gob Lacan (John Walsh) / The Four Shoves / Leather Away With the Wattle O
Peter Daffy, guitar
7. JIGS: The Nightingale (Sean Ryan) / The Piper’s Chair / The Black Rogue
Peter Daffy, guitar
8. REELS: Anderson’s / Forget Me Not (Larry Redican) / Miss Thornton’s
Luke Plumb, bouzouki
9. HORNPIPES: O’Flaherty’s / Callahan’s Hornpipe
Luke Plumb, bouzouki
10. POLKAS: The Little Diamond / Humours of Ballydesmond / Top of Maol
Peter Daffy, guitar
11. WALTZ: The Belltable (Maurice Lennon and Kieran Hanrahan)
Peter Daffy, guitar
12. REELS: The Whistling Postman / The Graf Spee
Luke Plumb, bouzouki
13. JIGS: The Gold Ring / Condon’s Frolics / The High Part of the Road
Peter Daffy, guitar
14. AIR: The Great Southern Ocean (Laura Flanagan)
Tracks 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, and 12 were recorded in West Brunswick, Victoria by Luke Plumb 
Tracks 3, 4, 6, 10, and 11 were recorded in Camperdown, Victoria by Peter Daffy 
Tracks 7, 13 and 14 were recorded at the Crossroads Studio, by Amy DeVoge at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas 
Additional recording on tracks 7 and 13 was done by Luke Plumb in Camperdown, Victoria 
All tracks were edited, mixed and mastered by Luke Plumb 
Produced by Luke Plumb & Laura Flanagan 

Cover artwork © Susan Felton 2020 
Design & Photography by Laura Flanagan 
Additional Photography by Peter Daffy 

Every effort has been made to ensure that no copyright infringement has occurred. 
All tunes are traditional unless a composer is otherwise noted. 
© & ℗ Laura Flanagan 2020, All rights reserved.
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