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Soon to be released in 2023!

Available exclusively through Bandcamp

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Evan Powell

Evan’s love for the piano reaches back to his early years, but his journey into Irish traditional music began while studying jazz performance at Florida State University.  Evan is also a passionate educator. He has given workshops at various Irish music festivals and has been a guest lecturer on the topics of harmony and improvisation at universities both in the United States and abroad. He currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Evan and I had been talking about playing together for over a year when I messaged him from my hotel room in Terang, Victoria and asked if he wanted to join me for a short recording session with renowned engineer, Scott Faris, on my return from Australia in August 2022.

I’m so glad the opportunity came together. Thank you so much to Evan for the generosity of his time (including the long commutes!) and the incredible music! I look forward to every opportunity to play with you.


All of the tunes recorded here have really great stories that go with them - many of which are best heard when we perform live. However, it is worth noting that I learned "A Trip to Killarney" from the great Australian guitarist, Peter Daffy (though any mistakes are mine!). Also, all of the reels in track 5 are settings I learned from Randal Bays. 

I am especially indebted to Randal for all of the tunes he's taught me over the years and to Peter, who has encouraged me in every aspect of performing. Thank you both for your immense patience with me.

-- Laura 


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